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Our    Asperger    Page

Welcome to our page on Asperger's Syndrome. All three of my children - my oldest son Barry, my middle son, Devon and my daughter Anastasia have all been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome or AS as it is called.

Barry was born on October 5, 1988. Barry is in 6th grade preparing for 7th. He enjoys Nintendo, Pokemon, playing trombone, karate - he recently attained his red belt - he also loves animals, swimming and, most of all, amusement parks. He is a roller coaster junkie and loves to design the wildest coaster he can on Roller Coaster Tycoon!

Devon was born on April 26, 1990. Devon is in 5th grade preparing for 6th. Devon also loves Nintendo, Pokemon, karate - he is also a red belt, animals, swimming, drawing and amusement parks. Although not a roller coaster fan like Barry, he likes to design them on Roller Coaster Tycoon. Devon recently gave up playing the trombone in favor of the trumpet.

Anastasia was born on September 3, 1993. Stasi is in 2nd grade preparing to move to 3rd. Stasi loves Nintendo, Pokemon, horseback riding, animals, swimming, and amusement parks. She recently decided to take up softball.

Asperger's Syndrome is a type of Autism - also called higher functioning autism. Living with an AS child is very trying and difficult. Living with three - well let's just say that without a strong faith in God and a good sense of humor we would all be in the looney bin!! We find ourselves avoiding family get-togethers or visits whenever possible because of their disorder. When viewed by people not "in the know" in looks very much like bad parenting and we don't like to be viewed as "bad parents".

This year, for the first time, we are having a very difficult time with teachers. Barry's teachers have refused to accept work or have given Barry a lower grade because they believe he is not doing his own work. What is actually occuring is that when Barry works on a project (i.e. a report) at home, we immerse him in the subject - something that schools are unable to do because of time constraints and all the other children in the class. Because of this immersion technique, when Barry works on a big assignment at home the work is far superior than what he turns in at school. Because of this, we have been wrongly accused of "doing his homework" for him. They do not believe Barry is capable of doing the better work because he doesn't perform that way in school. We have fought, argued, changed the IEP - everything we can think of (including tape recording our "teaching sessions" at home) to no avail. Thia has been the most hurtful for Barry, who feels he should "act dumb because they believe he is dumb". We are hoping next year will improve but we aren't holding out breaths.

All 3 children have a hard time making friends, even though they want to, so they end up withdrawing. Listening to the children talk is difficult too because Barry's speech has a speech impediment and is difficult to understand and all 3 children's speech border on pedantic - being a walking dictionary. If you ask them to do something - such as take a glass off the table and put it in the sink they won't do it because the item in question is not glass - it is a plastic tumbler. Everything with them HAS to be precise or they will not understand what you are saying. They also do not understand "double talk" or innuendoes. I have to be careful that I don't say anything in jest that might be construed as for real - like once I yelled at the dog "I'll kill you" for tearing up a book and Barry thought I was really going to do it even though I have never harmed an animal in my life.

Devon has his own set of problems. Devon also has Tourette's Syndrome. So in addition to the AS difficulties, Devon also stutters, stammers and has numerous body and vocal tics. Devon is now in a classroom that has a zero tolerance on teasing and they have helped the other kids appreciate Devon and his gifts.

All 3 children also suffer from Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Barry has problems with excessive sound or visual stimuli. Devon has problems with touching and certain things touching his skin. Anastasia has problems with visual stimuli.

In addtion to Asperger's, all three children deal with Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and PDD-Nos. Barry also deals with Hyperactivity.

Please check out the links on this page for Asperger's,ADHD, Tourette's Syndrome, PDD-NOS, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Sensory Integration Disorder. As I found out more information I will post it here.


Asperger's Syndrome - A Guide for Parents & Professionals

By Tony Attwood

Asperger's Syndrome - A Practical Guide for Teachers

By Val Cumine, Julia Leach & Gill Stevenson

The Out-of-Sync Child-Recognizing & Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunction

By Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA

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