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You have just left reality and are embarking on a journey like no other! A journey through the twisted mind of an Amusement Park ADDICT! I will admit I have not been to ALOT of Amusement Parks but I have been to a few.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown PA

Hershey Park, Hershey PA

Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson NJ

Adventure World (now known as Six Flags America), Largo MD

Canobie Lake Park, New Hampshire

Knoebel's Grove, Elysburg PA

Paramount's King Dominion, Doswell VA

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Williamsburg VA

Busch Gardens Tampa, Tampa Bay FL

Disney World, Orlando FL

Disneyland, Anaheim CA

Knott's Berry Farm, California

These are the parks I have visited so far in my lifetime. The links on the left will take you to some of the pages for these parks. Below you will find my reviews of some of my favorite parks from the above list. ENJOY!

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom:

DP is a great park. WWK is the best waterpark on the east coast. Dorney boasts 4 great coasters - Laser, a double looping coaster, Steel Force - the tallest, fastest coaster in the Northeast- Steel Force drops riders 205 feet in the first drop and 161 feet in the second drop while reaching speeds around 70 mph, Hercules with its 157 foot drop and steep bank over Lake Dorney and ThunderHawk. Dorney features lots of excitement for kids of all ages with rides in every category.

Six Flags Great Adventure

What needs to be said about SFGA? I didn't consider SFGA to be a really good family park before ... there were a few rides for the younger ones and Bugs Bunny Land is great for the under 5 group but if you have a child older than 5 who doesn't like thrill rides then this was not the place for them. But this year, after being bought out by Premier Parks, SFGA has started to add alot more rides designed for kids (and adults) who do not favor roller coasters. SFGA's claim to fame, however, is an impressive array of roller coasters - from the Great American Scream Machine with its 7 inversions, Viper with its incredible drop, Batman the Ride - an incredible inverted coaster, Batman & Robin the Chiller that blasts you out of the station and returns backwards, the Runaway Mine Train, Rolling Thunder - a wooden racing coaster, to the newest, and one of the best, Medusa - an incredibly wild trip of twisted proportions. SFGA also offers the Big Wheel, Musik Express, and lots of other, more family oriented rides.

Six Flags America (formerly Adventure World)

Adventure World was GREAT! Now as Six Flags America it is even better!!! SFA now boasts 4 impressive coasters - 5 if you include the equally impressive Sea Coaster. Roar - SFA's lone woodie stands out in the crowd. It's crazy, twisting, bent frame is not for the fainthearted. Hold on tight because it's a wild ride! Mind Eraser, one of the original inverted coasters on the East Coast remains a top favorite on my list - especially for the out of this world air time!!! New this year is Two-Face - and inverted looping coaster where the riders face each other so that you can see the fear on your friends faces!!! Two Face pulls you up 12 stories and releases you freefall - around a boomerang and thru a loop up the otherside 12 stories for a moment - a LOOOOOONNNNGGG agonizing moment (not really but it sure seems that way) until you do everything in reverse (unless of course you were backwards in the beginning!!!) Joker's Jinx is a twisted piece of metal that shoots you out of the station and through twists & turns until you finally realize you are back at the station. Other than the coasters, you will find plenty of ways to get wet or just plain have fun. Definitely a keeper!!!!

Knoebel's Groves

Knoebel's Groves is the best family park in my book. Free admission makes this park a gem if you have family members who do not ride rides and don't want to spend $30 or $40 just to walk around a park. Their premier coaster, the Phoenix, is fabulous - an old relic left to rot away in an old extinct park - almost meeting its demise by wrecking ball until saved by the Knoebels group and moved from Texas to Pennsylvania and restored to its original luster. And that is only the beginning of this wonderland. A new coaster, the Twister, is in the middle of being built in this Pennsylvania Wonderland (check out Bob's Coaster Page at right for pictures of the building of The Twister!). Nestled in the woods in the middle of Pennsylvania, Knoebel's offers camping on their 500 site campground, swimming in the Crystal Pool - the largest mountain stream fed pool in the country, or playing at the park, Knoebel's Groves offers something for everyone at a price that's just right!


Chocolatetown, USA! Hersheypark offers up flavor, smells and fun! Coaster fanatics can indulge in their pasttime on many great coasters. Hersheypark has the Comet and the Wildcat, 2 great woodies along with the SooperDooperLooper - a great first time looping coaster, the Trailblazer, the Sidewinder and The Great Bear - Pennsylvania's only inverted steel coaster. There are lots of rides for the younger set and for anyone who doesn't care for thrill rides. Hersheypark also offers ZooAmerica.

Paramount's Kings Dominion

Get blasted straight up through the heart of a Volcano! Rocket aboard an alien space craft in Outer Limits - Flight of Fear! Plunge 144 feet into an underwater tunnel and through 6 inversions on Anaconda! Stand up and be counted on Shockwave! Experience the ultimate in a wooden coaster on Grizzly's double figure 8 through the Virginia woods (try it at night in a light rain - now THAT'S an experience!) Or get hurled away on the Hurler! Kids can have a blast at Kidzville and the Kidz Construction Company or meet up with their favorite Rugrats at the Nickelodeon Zone. PKD offers excitement and thrills - and you never know when you may get assimilated by a Borg!

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